STÉPHANE MASSON (1972) is a self-taught who initially worked as a master light technician itheatres. He’s started to explore the medium of video in 2004, and soon happened his first public interventions in which the artist »kidnapped« different everyday objects and populated them with videorecordings.

His mischievous and ironic interventions into the public space bring a moment of magic and craziness into it. His distinctive works quickly conquer the audience, which is why he’s been a guest of numerous festivals and exhibitions at home and abroad in the last 10 years. He lives and works in Toulouse, France.

Written by Matjaz Brulc for Strip Core.


They believed in me:

L'équipe de la Fête des Lumières de Lyon,Transport en commun de Lyon ( TCL ) , Transport Toulouse ( Tisséo ), H&M, Grand Chelem Event SA, Artichoke, Ville de Toulouse, Les Vidéophages, Ville de Savigny le temple, Alliance Française de Lyon et de Turin, Centre culturelle de Bellgarde, Ville de Saint-Jans-Cappel, Cinélatino, Les ceuillleurs ceuilleuses, Chateau de Linardié, Centre culturelle de Bellgarde, Marionnetissimo, Musée Art contemporain Les Abattoirs de Toulouse, Le Salon Bocal, Société Haitian Lantern, Ville De Barcelone, Singapour Art Muséum (SAM), ...